• January 11, 2016

Written by Darren L. Epstein, all rights reserved.  Copyright © 2019 / (DO NOT COPY)


Counter Intelligence Services will be attending the 2015 Broward bench & Bar October 23rd 2015. We hope to see you there… look for our booth.

Established in 1993, we represent large/small firms and corporations with long business relationships. Below, we’ve listed some of our services we can assist you with. Please let me know the best direction in obtaining your business. We’d be more than happy to come in and meet with you personally.

(English / Spanish / Creole)

• Locates / Skip Traces – Nationally & Internationally.
• Witness Statements – Recorded, Transcribed & Notarized.
• Locate Auto, Property & GL insurance – We locate the Insurance company, address, policy #…etc. for the date of loss to assist you with your claims.
• Asset Locates – Locate Bank Accounts and balances or even one’s employment. We can also locate Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds and CDs. – Nationally & Offshore.
• Surveillance – Male & Female Experienced Investigators.
• Sign-up Services – We will have your personal injury client signed up ASAP. We offer this service throughout Florida, within 67 counties.
• Photo Sessions – We can assist you with proving negligence.
• Background Checks – Nationwide and International, we have access to over 150 countries. Locate Criminal & Civil backgrounds… and much more!
• Process Services – National service (flat rate), Tri-County (discounted rate), and International Service following the Hague convention.

Written by Darren L. Epstein, all rights reserved.  Copyright © 2019 / (DO NOT COPY)

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