Our agency is comprised of licensed and insured private investigators and security personnel with a staff of seasoned veterans in surveillance, espionage, and high-end security procedures. As an experienced staff of former military, federal operative and career professionals, we offer a team approach ensuring highly efficient security consulting, fraud detection, research /analysis, and aggressive surveillance tactics.
This ensures accurate information that provides the evidence for an open and closed case.  Our NAICS codes (North American Industry Classification System), are 561611, 561612, 561613, 514191, 541199, 54192, 541922, 56161, 56144, 561491, 541612, and 541614.  We offer private investigative and security services to corporations, the government, the insurance industry, and the legal community.  Registered with the Defense Logistics Agency (Cage Code 1UW63), we contract with the United States Military and Federal Agencies.   Our product line of telephone/facsimile/email encryption, biometric access control, camera systems, mail bomb detection, handheld or walk-through metal detectors, and various other high-end (GSA-certified) security systems will increase your protection from competing businesses or terrorist acts.

The search for the truth and the protection of our clients as well as their interests are the visions and prime directives of
Counter Intelligence Services.   Founded in 1993 by Darren L. Epstein, P.I., a former United States Air Force Security Specialist and Gulf War Veteran; trained in priority-A security, anti-terrorism programs, and conducting investigations overseas for the Office of Special Investigations (OSI).