We assist our clients by adapting to each case differently, where many clients are not even aware of certain services we offer. An investigation is more intricate then many would realize. Knowing how to approach a legal matter in the “investigative sense” is easier for the investigator rather than a client trying to diagnose a problem and order services. A personal injury attorney might hire us to sign-up a customer or photo a slip & fall area…but are they also aware we can obtain the commercial insurance or liability insurance where the accident occurred? Did you know we can obtain 911 voice calls on disc, or can assist with locating witnesses, to investigating to prove negligence, and even offer accident reenactment services?

Legal Support

The majority of our clients are long term accounts with many nationally known law firms, and over this time we have learned what they expect and require.  Our services will assist you from the opening of the case, pretrial preparation, along with collections into judgments and garnishments once the case is closed.

Since we work for various plaintiff and defense attorneys we scrutinize all cases before they are opened; where we run each subject or claimant (plaintiff/defendant) through our “stop a conflict of interest” search engine.  This feature checks all our cases to see if a possible conflict exists.


An ever-growing need for security services grew once the events of 9/11 unfolded into our Present Danger.  The growth was felt within hours; we had our first influx of business with clients requesting security measures and guard services.  Within weeks, they tried to test the American way of life with the “Anthrax Scare”, and we responded with CDC recommended ultra violet sanitizers for mailrooms to protect our clients and respective affiliates.  Within months the increase of security was felt with different military branches contacting our offices for services and products; requests for GSA paper shredders, handheld and walkthrough metal detectors…etc. were requested like a Hollywood movie.