The majority of our clients are long term accounts with many nationally known law firms, and over this time we have learned what they expect and require. Our services will assist you from the opening of the case, pretrial preparation, along with collections into judgments and garnishments once the case is closed.

Since we work for various plaintiff and defense attorneys we scrutinize all cases before they are opened; where we run each subject or claimant (plaintiff/defendant) through our “stop a conflict of interest” search engine. This feature checks all our cases to see if a possible conflict exists.

We find many attorneys utilizing 3-10 different services as their case evolves. If you are a PI plaintiff attorney, we can assist with personal injury sign-up services, obtain police reports, photo the accident scene, reconstruct the accident, locate ownerships, obtain 911 voice calls on disc, and obtain auto/property/liability insurance and more. We can even run the “crime history” of an address, locating past crimes might help show negligence if security wasn’t addressed.   If you are a PI defensive attorney, we offer more than standard vehicle surveillance; our investigators go on foot and look to be convert yet utilize aggressive observation tactics, i.e. covert cameras, night vision, drones…etc. We can also research previous claims the claimant might have had from prior conditions.

Did you know there is no such thing as a “national criminal search” besides what law enforcement can obtain? Years ago you could ask a cop friend but those days are long gone since 9/11 and our new present danger. Search the Internet and your find online service companies sell one, but its CONVICTIONS ONLY   and most cases settle or are plea-bargained, hence it’s a waste of your time and money. Did you check the subject’s past address history; did you know addresses in their youth are more important than current addresses? Did you know Local, State, and Federal agencies are still poor in communicating. You could search for a criminal record in the county and state levels and find nothing…yet the subject could have a federal record. If the Feds handled the arrest and didn’t communicate with local and state agencies it can happen and we have seen it more than once. This is why we suggest searching local, state and federal.

Conducting a background check by clicking a button can be misleading and dangerous. You need an investigation big or small conducted by a professional organization that knows what they’re looking for.