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An ever-growing need for security services grew once the events of 9/11 unfolded into our Present Danger. The growth was felt within hours; we had our first influx of business with clients requesting security measures and guard services. Within weeks, they tried to test the American way of life with the “Anthrax Scare”, and we responded with CDC recommended ultra violet sanitizers for mailrooms to protect our clients and respective affiliates. Within months the increase of security was felt with different military branches contacting our offices for services and products; requests for GSA paper shredders, handheld and walkthrough metal detectors…etc. were requested like a Hollywood movie.

Today we deal with terrorist attacks at home, something that once seemed like a movie is now a real threat and danger we need to be prepared for. Risk management, security consulting, and background checks were words used at the waistline; just topics and issues that were not pressed… until the tragedies of 9/11 brought us into our now and ever unfolding

Transition is the key… for we all must adapt and overcome!

Every aspect of your business should be scrutinized with retrospect to the security infrastructure; a strong infrastructure starts with a secure foundation. The Security you provide needs to be intertwined within every facet of your business and not just the common areas, like door locks and alarm codes. We get complacent with security, we lock our front doors and click an alarm to protect our vehicles… but should it end there? Years ago our grandparents would have thought we were crazy for locking our homes not to mention cars. Our way of life has expanded exponentially, hence our security responsibilities have also grown. The future may be more complicated with technology and the many devices we have to choose from… however, if we use them correctly and intelligently we can make them work for us.

Many products are available to bring peace of mind and security into your business and household. Some forms of security include camera systems, shredders, detection devices, access control, encryption, computer network security and security patrols. The key to safe security lies in the ability to choose the most effective equipment solutions. Counter Intelligence Services offers inexpensive consultations as well as affordable security solutions.

Our product line  of telephone/facsimile/email encryption, biometric access control, camera systems, mail bomb detection, handheld or walkthrough metal detectors and various other high-end (GSA certified) security systems will increase your protection from competing businesses or terrorist acts.