An investigation is more intricate then many would realize. Knowing how to approach a legal matter in the “investigative sense” is easier for the investigator. We assist our clients by adapting to each case differently, where many clients are not even aware of certain services we offer.

A personal injury attorney might hire us to sign-up a client or photo a slip & fall area…but are they also aware we can obtain the commercial liability insurance where the accident occurred? Did you know we can obtain 911 voice calls on disc, obtain auto or property insurance where an accident occurred, and even assist with proving negligence? We assist our clients with many services per case, from locating witnesses for statements, process services nationally, or to assist with accident reenactment services.

We offer various uncommon searches and tactics to obtain invaluable evidence, we are aggressive yet covert with our approach. This might work for basic fraud detection, however being creative and making the case evolve is the responsibility of the investigator.

Our SIU (Special Investigative Unit) investigators utilize creative tactics to include foot surveillance to obtain the needed evidence you seek. We utilize various tools to assist us (powerful optical zoom lenses, covert cameras, drones, etc.) which enables us to provide our clients with invaluable video evidence.

We also provide our clients with backend access to our online case management software, allowing clients to view surveillances taking place in “real time”, enabling them to make decisions into ongoing cases.


When locating a missing person or conducting a skip trace, our staff is experienced and successful in locating missing individuals all over the world. From background checks to global searches, the locating of a missing individual requires intellect, as well as street-smart experience. We have access to many online investigative databases, to include some located overseas with connections all around the world. Within hours we can have an investigator or process server make contact or check an address for accuracy.


Are employee background checks really necessary? It’s estimated that over a hundred billion dollars is lost each year due to pilferage and other unacceptable employee conduct. Counter Intelligence Services provides extensive background information to hedge against your financial losses of the future.   As a manager or owner, you are liable for all of your employees and if you are negligent in your hiring practices this can come back to not only hurt but destroy your business.

  • In 2003, a no named cleaning company was sued for $4 million dollars when one of their employees was recognized in a home burglary. They were found in their hiring practices due to the fact a criminal background check was never conducted.
  • In 1998, a California carpet company (American’s Best Carpet) was hit with a $9.38 million dollar verdict due to hiring procedures. They also never obtained a background check on one of their employees who later stabbed to death a customer (Kerry Spooner).
  • The Texas Supreme Court sided with a woman who sued Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Company because she was raped by one of their door-to-door salesman. Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Company was found in their hiring practices due to a background check was never conducted.