• January 25, 2020

Written by Darren L. Epstein, all rights reserved.  Copyright © 2020 / (DO NOT COPY)

DisclaimerWe’re in the business of defeating and hedging against eavesdropping equipment and devices that invade your privacy, it’s immoral and a Federal Crime!  This article was written to only enlighten you into the facts vs. fiction, and what’s easily accessible today. Knowledge is POWER, employ our Intelligence… Counter Intelligence Services.

Fact or Fiction…

“Electronic harassment, electromagnetic torture or psychotronic torture is a conspiracy theory that government agents make use of electromagnetic radiation (such as the microwave auditory effect), radar, and surveillance techniques to transmit sounds and thoughts into people’s heads, affect people’s bodies, and harass”, (Google).  Well that’s the definition Google will give you… but what used to be Sci-fi and tech only available to the elites is now accessible via the web and YouTube.  Learning how to create laser Mics, Microwave guns, and alike is much easier than ever before.  Since this sounds like Sci-fi… let’s breakdown the toys, and the fact vs. fiction to understand how/why these devices could be used.

Psychotronic weapons can cause an individual to hear words in their head, and they can cause injury to you; watch this interesting explanation on, Psychotronics.  It was discovered during the Cold War, as with many other interesting and bizarre discovers, (remote viewing, psychotronics, nuclear bomb, etc.) and many more.  The CIA was conducing Secret Mind Control Experiments, as so was the Russians. It uses low frequency (ELF) waves to affect you and possibly manipulate a person’s thoughts or emotions… even their will!  This technology could not only affect a person, but on a grand scale affect a population; imagine turning humans into controlled robots.  It sounds unbelievable, and impossible… but let’s get into those FACTS.  The FACT is… scientists developed this technology over sixty years ago.   Today, there are some conspiracy theories that government agents are making use of these devices and using them on the general public.  As an U.S. Air Force Veteran that worked as a Security Specialist and OSI undercover operations… I truly don’t think that’s the case!   However, I do believe these high-tech devices were developed many years ago and today not only in the hands of the elite and the U.S. government.   Either an individual, organized crime, or a hostile government state with bad nefarious intentions could be using them on you for their own reasons and benefits. 

People who claim to experience attacks like this are called, “targeted individuals“.  Many feel they are victims and join support and advocacy groups.  In my opinion, many if not most of these reports aren’t factual, rather mental illness, hallucinations, and alike are to blame.  However, a small number of these reports are not only factual, but some Private Investigators have found evidence of such.  In our industry… we try not to badger the client… but rather be open minded and listen.  If we feel we can help you, we will.  When people think they’re being listen to… or worse being mentally harassed or harmed… we will assist you by finding evidence of such, along with adding security measures to hedge against future attacks.   

Types of Equipment:

  • Laser Mic:  Used to eavesdrop on an adversary. No access to the person or residence/business is needed. You only need a line of sight and the RF (invisible) laser can be shot through windows picking up what you’re saying. It might sound like Sci-fi, but the actual technology was developed many years ago. The technique of using a light beam to remotely record sound originated with Léon Theremin in 1947.  When our agency conducts a TSCM Sweep (Technical Surveillance Countermeasures), we always search for laser listening devices, and we provide suggestions once the sweep is completed to keep your conversations secure. In our demonstration, a TV remote works as a great prop, whereas pointing it at a window and pressing the volume button will cause our equipment to alert.

That’s what we’re looking for, an invisible IR (Infrared) beam. Watch an example on YouTube into how laser mics work, and yes… you can even find how-to videos to create your very own.

Defeating Laser Mics:  Sensitive and confidential conversations shouldn’t be conducted within a room with windows.  You can also defeat laser mics by installing white noise generators near the windowsills.  Lastly and one of the most effective ways, is to install vibrating equipment on the window that will disrupt the IR Laser Mic. 

  • Microwave Gun / EMP Gun / Directed-energy Weapons:  Various uses, but as a security expert, I know it could be used to test the vulnerability of a CCTV camera system or alarm system.   A Microwave Gun can be used to scramble the video feed or fry the circuits of a camera or electrical device.  However, with proper shielding you can prevent this.  The Microwave gun can also be called an EMP Gun.     A Microwave gun is very dangerous, it can destroy electronics by introducing high voltages and fry computer circuits.  Such a beam could also burn a person’s skin, or even detonate improvised explosive devices.   You’re basically taking a Microwave oven and focusing it as an energy weapon.   Disclaimer:   This article was written to only enlighten you into the facts vs. fiction, and what’s easily accessible today.  There are nefarious people that will look to hurt and exploit others, FACT!   If you feel you’re under attack, call the police and make a Police Report, and then call us.  The police won’t know what to do, but documentation is very important.  We would start with a Security Survey and look for evidence, and vulnerable security gabs, along with giving suggestions and direction into protecting yourself.  NOTE:  Do NOT create a Microwave gun, I repeat… DON’T DO IT!  It’s not safe, and nothing good will come from it.  We’re in the business of protecting and enlightening our clients, to understand the equipment and devices used, to ultimately protect them.    Using equipment like this just isn’t smart. 

How it could be used to benefit our clients:  If we were developing a high-end security system for a client, we would use various equipment attempting to break our security measures, e.g. Laser Mics, Microwave guns testing/defeating cameras systems, etc.  We would then look to secure those lapses of security through equipment and devices.   

The U.S. Air Force is working on futuristic weapons that use Microwaves to knock out an enemy’s ability to even want to fight. Watch this interesting Ted X

Defeating an EMP:  Creating a Faraday cage can protect you from an EMP.  You can create your own faraday cage, but surprisingly… we all have one in our homes… your microwave oven!  Aluminum foil can also be a great product to create a faraday cage.  An aluminum trashcan can also be used as a faraday cage… but you can’t have devices touching the metal.  Watch this video on Youtube that provides some insight into if an aluminum trashcan is actually a good faraday cage.   NOTE:  This article is not covering how to build faraday cages; but stay tuned as we might have something out on that with tests in the near future.

Defeating Microwave:       Keep your distance from cell phone towers.   If you know of someone with a Microwave gun… RUN, call the police and stay away from them.  You can also add microwave shielding to your home.  There are expensive renovations that can protect your home from outside radiation, but the radiation coming from inside is another story; as we all have electronic devices in our homes generating low levels.  The best way to protect yourself, neutralize and shield yourself from it.    There are also devices you can buy to wear on your person that can assist in protecting you from EMF / EMR emitting devices.

  • Ultrasonic Generator Weapons:   One practical use of an Ultrasonic device would be the generation of a digital fence line for dogs.  It can also emit an ultrasonic sound that silences dogs from barking; it can be used as pest control, to measure distances, and I’m sure a host of other practical and beneficial reasons.  However, with all good intentions of inventions and products… there are nefarious evil people looking to take advantage.  While ultrasound cannot be heard by humans, at high decibels it can cause damage to your hearing or worse.   In 2019, it was believed U.S. diplomats were injured in Cuba by some type of sound weapon.  Ultrasound in excess of 155 decibels can cause heat levels that can harm a human or animal.  Ultrasound can also disrupt your sleep, give you a headache, cause stress and even raise someone’s blood pressure.  Ultrasounds you can’t hear… can make you sick!

Defeating Ultrasonic Generators:       Ultrasonic sound waves can’t penetrate solid objects like walls.  However, you could purchase an EMF Protection device from Amazon.   Yes, while sci-Fi and unbelievable… these topics we are talking about are FACTS!  However, does this device or others work in defending and protecting you is the question.  Testing these products against devices meant to eavesdrop or invade your space needs to be conducted.  This is all part of a security survey and why targeted people, CEO’s, and/or governments need security surveys conducted.  The EMF Protection from Amazon “claims” to protect you from, Psychotronic & ELF Electronics, Implants, Microwaves, Psychic Attacks, Remote Viewing, V2K, and Mind Control.   There are other devices on the market as well, but I’d save your money, as many people are just playing on your fears and paranoia.  If you’re ready to get a device, hire a security expert first and use defeating security devices that have been tested.

11 thoughts on “Electronic Harassment and Psychotronic Torture”

  1. John Erin Binns
    March 7, 2020 at 2:17 AM

    It is true that psychotronic weapons are used on individuals by the government (but never directly by their agents, always through contractors). And it’s also true that many targeted individuals are mentally ill. I’ve personally had modified microwave oven with the door off pointed at my bed, saw two men holding a black device the size of a laptop which was giving me panic attacks (microwave EEG cloning device), and saw a man pointing a regular laser mic at my window. It was CIA contractors in my case and I was targeted due to involvement in blackhat hacking schemes.

  2. Kiera
    March 13, 2020 at 4:33 AM

    I don’t think just anybody should be allowed to buy this stuff. They are tormenting people. I’m sick of it!

  3. Sudip Dasgupta
    March 30, 2020 at 11:51 AM

    I am a targeted individual since November, 2008 in Washington State University, Pullman followed by at University of Pennsylvania, PA, Philadelphia and back in India since 21 st April, 2009. Me and my family members are being frequently tortured using radiowave/microwave directed from USA and most alarming is the deprivation of sleep for days together with continuous headache simultaneously with directed electromagnetic wave at different specific parts of body as per my talk, whisper and thought.

  4. blog3006.xyz
    April 26, 2020 at 12:40 AM

    Hi there, You have done a great job. I definitely digg it and will suggest it to my friends.
    I’m sure they’ll be benefited from this site.

  5. Travis Bundrage
    April 30, 2020 at 9:40 PM

    So what exactly can you do about it.

  6. Joyce M Mason
    June 18, 2020 at 12:38 PM

    Email is not going through. My phone is controlled. I need help. I believe it is hurting me physically. Happened when I lived on Spencer orchard Rd Walnut cove NC and now 90 Ames St Mexico NY. I need help before they kill me.

  7. Yvonne Moreno
    July 21, 2020 at 9:35 PM

    I am also a Targeted individual. The genetic makeup of the psychopaths, psychosociopaths, narcissists, and the selectiveness of these with their genetic defects, has been a relieving defining for me today. Now it makes perfect sense as to why and how my ex-mate who is a spy, is able to torture, rape, abuse, lie, cheat, steal, fraudulently scheme etc… Im very grateful for this information. Thank you.

  8. Yvonne Moreno
    July 21, 2020 at 9:47 PM

    I have been totally enlightened today with your wealth of information about this ugly, harrassing, torturous, treacherous, treatment. My torturer is getting too close for comfort. Yesterday or day before, he attempts on my life for a third time now in less than three weeks time. He wants to murder me. Police officials in South Tucson are aware and are part of the scheme. I can’t call 911 and have help. I get a recording or get taken to behavioral health centers. Exasperating! Looking for P.I.\help.

  9. Whit
    August 1, 2020 at 6:04 PM

    Have been a TI for almost 8 years. I am not crazy or mentally ill. I am an American Patriot who has been slated for death by the CIA / operatives. know way more about this program and how to defend against it. This makes them step up the program aggressiveness. They want lambs for the slaughter. Folks who don’t understand and give up. Fight back with every ounce of energy. This must be exposed to general public. Take as many of them as possible at the end. And by the way. They have more money cars and weapons than you can dream of. Only the Gov has those resources.

  10. Anne joseph
    August 8, 2020 at 7:39 PM

    I am also a target and I do not know what to do because I do not know what they’re using to torture me ! I am able to see images, they control my body like a robot, I can hear their words in my head, they are able to speak to my inner thoughts. When I am outside, their words do not sound as loud, My head hurts when I am in cold temperatures and I can feel the tingling sensation on the area they choose to control.

  11. Dawn
    September 18, 2020 at 6:04 PM

    I have been a Target for more than two years of around the clock torment. Can anyone here tell me what to do or where to go for help? Are any of you interested in joining forces to go public?

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