A Subsidiary of Counter Intelligence Services was acquired to assist our national and international clients in the maritime crew placement industry. National and International Background Checks by Counter Intelligence Services. We are a consulting agency, offering Private Investigations and Security services worldwide. Our agency was established in 1993 by U.S. Air Force Security Police Veteran, Darren L. Epstein. Offering criminal vetting, civil searches, and credit checks in 150+ countries. Access to the Terrorist Sanctions database, and offering Passport MRZ Validation. From employee candidate Drug Screening, and confirmation of school or military experience… to K9 Drug/Bomb walkthroughs on yachts, private jets, and more!  We have access to multiple investigative databases within the U.S. and overseas. We send runners to government offices and courthouses to retrieve the evidence needed; giving you the ability to make intelligent hiring decisions.

WHY CONDUCT BACKGROUND CHECKS? At a minimum… you do it for liability reasons, SAVE YOURSELF FROM LARGE LAWSUITS!

Secondly… plausible deniability!!

Stay away from companies selling “instant online searches”, those companies are preying on your lack of knowledge. These are Investigations, not just a search. You need an Investigator to physically research and analyze the data, to report the red flags. AI and online systems don’t have the ability to do this.

For Background vetting conducted within the United States, we suggest searching Local, State, and Federal databases. Due to known issues within the “online criminal system”, being thorough is essential. Due to government employee errors, and agency’s still not communicating fully, errors happen. Read more about this on a blog article we wrote, Truths behind Criminal Vetting.

Due to these human errors, (county employees not updating state-level) and other observed mistakes, including the need to be cost-conscious; the employer needs to decide the level of vetting scrutiny. When hiring a low-level employee, you might want to be more cost-conscious. While CIS created a thorough Background Vetting Check Report, we also never stopped offering our less expensive single searches. You can order specific county criminal or state-level checks as well. However, due to technology and databases only getting better, we moved into a more national criminal footprint that is also cost-conscious. We can make suggestions, but ultimately you need to decide the threat level, costs, and how detailed we should analyze the candidate.

Very Specific (Country Criminal): Where the crime takes place. County employees upload data to the state.

Less Specific (Statewide): Run by State Police, (it “should” check all counites). Available in 38 States.

Federal Crimes: May NOT show within County or State; the Federal Docket needs to be checked.

Background Check: Our Background Check is a national search for (Criminal, Sex Offenders, Arrests, and Warrants); e.g. you can be arrested and released, but that wouldn’t show in a criminal charge. We include an Address History, confirm accurate SSN, including Bankruptcy, Liens, & Judgments, provide DMV MVR records, look to other A.K.A, as well as a minor review of Social Media for improper content.

Disclaimer: Employment evaluation should not be based solely on search results. A positive ID requires a fingerprint. Disposition inquiries should be directed to the reporting agency (we use nationally leading databases). Our Background Checks are a thorough vetting of the subject; however, databases can have incorrect input due to human error, or county officials not transferring records to the state law enforcement repository (state police).