• December 11, 2015

Darren L. Epstein, the president and chief executive officer provides accurate, time efficient, and custom tailored investigative and security services worldwide. Founded by Mr. Epstein in 1993, Counter Intelligence Services prime directives are the protection of our clients and their interests. A career experienced investigator with over 25 years with national and international cases. Investigator Epstein possesses the determination and dedication in providing worldwide excellence in investigative and security services.

A former United States Air Force (USAF) Security Specialist, Gulf War Veteran.Mr. Epstein started his investigative and security education within the USAF with various investigative and security departments. During his tour in Europe he held a position as a Security Specialist, protecting top-secret equipment, including presidential support details. Trained by the USAF Office of Special Investigations (OSI), Mr. Epstein was recruited and conducted clandestine investigations abroad. Additional assignments from the Security Police Investigations Department (SPI) were provided during his tour overseas. During this time Mr. Epstein worked undercover under the jurisdiction of the USAF OSI, working various undercover operations.

Educated in criminal justice through the University of Maryland, and graduating at the top 10 percent of his class at US Air Force Police Academy. Investigator Epstein was educated in police functions, security & riot procedures, weapons knowledge, EST (Emergency Service Team) SWAT tactics, and anti-terrorism procedures. Attended US Army’s Fort Dixie ABGD School (Airbase Ground Defense) and was quickly promoted to squad leader. As an investigative/security specialist, various tactics were acquired with retrospect to the 360 degree of Intelligence and Security.

Today, Mr. Epstein offers his expertise as an investigative/security consultant, providing Investigations, Legal Support and Security Services. He is a surveillance expert, with thousands of hours working cases nationally and internationally. With over 25,000 cases in various types of legal settings, Mr. Epstein can offer a wide array of investigations and security testimonials. Over the past 22 years, I have helped many customers with infidelity and child custody issues. Building your case and working closely with your attorney, we will prove parent negligence, assist with obtaining restraining orders, prove alcohol or drug use, and locating assets or employment wages to garnish against a dead-beat parent. I have the experience in solving these kinds of cases and have testified many times in court. Plaintiff Attorneys can count on my expertise to assist with proving negligence, assisting with locating assets, bank accounts, or employment wages to garnish. Specific PI Plaintiff Attorneys rely on us for locating insurance policies, to sign-up services, photo sessions, accident reenactments, skips and more. Defense Attorneys will benefit from my expertise into surveillance, social media investigations, locating witnesses, serving difficult process and providing expert courtroom testimony. Mr. Epstein’s knowledge into security covers a full range of security consulting. Your security infrastructure needs to start with a secure foundation. Starting with lighting, fencing, cameras, and evacuation plans. To human Intelligence, employment background checks, and research into evictions, workmen’s compensation fraud, credit histories and education verifications.

Investigator Epstein is knowledgeable into electronic security. Offering a full scope of business intelligence and security services, from portable chemical/bomb detection, mail sanitizers, and metal detectors…we can protect you and your trade secrets from prying eyes and competing businesses.By protecting you through alarms, protecting networks, and removing spyware from mobile devices, to include conducting TSCM debugging Countermeasure Sweeps…we will protect you!

In 2000, Investigator Epstein created “DateChecker”, a subsidiary of Counter Intelligence Services. This service was created due to the direct result of the Web Online dating explosion. DateChecker.com assists customers, “Knowing who they are really dating”.

Investigator Epstein also sits on a national board as a consultant for “A Child Is Missing” (ACIM), www.achildismissing.org. ACIM has been credited by law enforcement with more than 1900 safe recoveries over the last few years. In 2007, A CHILD IS MISSING was granted Special Consultative Status by the United Nations, UN News Release – ACIM.

Investigator Epstein holds a position as a network security administrator with knowledge and experience into IP tracing, email tracing, firewall security and the following operating systems. Microsoft’s Windows 8 and 10, MS Server, MS Exchange, VPN (Virtual Private Networks), CRM/VCM, Apples iOS’s, email/network encryption, and Spyware removal on computers and mobile devices.

Agency license number (A9300263), Private Investigative license number (C9300263), weapons license number (G2503848), weapons concealment license number (W2018685), and a Notary license number (DD0753000). Mr. Epstein maintains his weapons knowledge and proficiency by attending the weapons range quarter as a minimum, with weapon training taking place twice yearly.