• December 11, 2015

Specialized Documentation of Accident Sites, Vehicular Damage & Personal Injuries
Site & Vehicle Measurements

Illumination Studies
Image Analysis
Audio & Video Forensics
GPS Forensics Engineering & Safety Research
Diagrams & Exhibits Expert Testimony

Robert has been accepted as an Expert Witness by local courts, quasi-judicial boards and commissions. Robert has completed Criminal Defense work on several Florida Justice Administrative Commission
(JAC) and United States Criminal Justice Act (CJA Form 21) cases, most dealing with video enhancement and video file manipulation/validation issues. Accepted as an Expert Witness in traffic engineering studies, traffic forecasting and traffic safety.


Consultant to attorneys, engineers, investigators and facility managers
Responsible for forensic documentation tasks, photo/video analysis, and preparation of reports and exhibits
Assists with criminal and civil investigations, including traffic and industrial accident investigations
Completes specialized traffic engineering studies (in association with local Registered Engineers) for matters regarding traffic safety studies, facility Site Plan analyses, traffic forecasting, and technical reports for Zoning and Land Use transportation studies 1984-1988

Certified by the International Municipal Signal Association (IMSA):

Traffic Signs and Markings Specialist .

Certified Forensic Photographer; International Association for Identification (IAI).


CAD = Computer-Aided Design 2D/3D measurements and scaled diagrams
Audio = voice recording integrity analysis, enhancement and/or transcription
GPS = GPS device data analysis, downloading, measurements, mapping and related graphics
Photogrammetry = measurements from photos, 2D/3D scaled diagrams and related graphics
Reconstruction = Traffic Crash Reconstruction research, calculations, analysis, exhibits and reports
Photography = photo documentation and/or 3rd party photo analysis/enhancement (including aerial photos)
Illumination = photometric measurements, analysis, Code-compliance studies and related “Light Meter” data
Traffic = Traffic Engineering, Traffic Safety, Traffic Management (signs, signals, pavement markings, visibility, circulation)
Video = video documentation and/or surveillance video integrity analysis, enhancement, photogrammetry and motion-analysis.

Forensic and Technical Articles

Robert has contributed his knowledge and experience in various books and white papers.
Including but not limited to…
Forensic Analysis of Seat Belts, 2nd Edition, by Donald J. Felicella
Forensic Photography / The Importance of Accuracy, by Sanford L. Weiss
Evidence in Traffic Crash Investigation and Reconstruction, by R.W. Rivers
Forensic Analysis of Seat Belts, by Donald J. Felicella

Forensic and Technical Articles

GPS Data: Evidence at Your Fingertips [FDIAI Edition],” Florida Division – International Association
for Identification (FDIAI) News Magazine; January, 2013

GPS Data: Evidence at Your Fingertips [FALI Edition],” Florida Association of Licensed Investigators
(FALI) Newsletter; June, 2012

Smartphone Apps and Crash Reconstruction,” IPTM Spotlight Newsletter, Issue 9; Institute of Police
Technology and Management (IPTM); March, 2012

What if YOU have an Accident? Cell-phone Cameras, Snapshots and Forensic Photography,” Around
Towne Business Quarterly magazine; March, 2012

GPS Data: Evidence at Your Fingertips,” Florida Association of Private Investigators (FAPI)
Newsletter; October, 2011

Forensic Photography and Crash Reconstruction, Part 2: Solutions to Common Problems,” Collision magazine, Volume 4 – Issue 1 – Spring 2009

Forensic and Technical Reports

Used primarily for Master Plan Amendment, Land Use and Zoning Hearings throughout South Florida, Robert has produced dozens of public-record traffic engineering reports and exhibits for local Land Use/Zoning Attorneys and Traffic Engineering firms.

Industry Recognition and Certifications

Robert has been approved to provide seminars for statewide Continuing Legal Education (CLE) use
by The Florida Bar. Approved seminars to-date include:

“Forensic Photography vs. Investigative Photography”
“GPS Forensics”
“Video Forensics”
“Low Light and Nighttime Photography for Traffic Crash Reconstruction”
“iPhone and iPad ‘Apps’ for Crime Scene Investigations, Traffic Crash Reconstruction and Private Investigations”

Robert also serves as an advisor and guest speaker for the Crime Scene Technology program at
Keiser University in West Palm Beach. An active participant and instructor in local meetings, training seminars and annual conventions conducted by many of Florida’s Private Investigation, Traffic Crash Reconstruction, Industrial Security and Forensic Science industry groups.