• December 11, 2015

Patrick brings more than 25 years of law enforcement investigation experience, including more than 10 years as a computer crimes detective.  Performed computer forensic examinations for the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office and surrounding cities, FBI, U.S. Customs, FDLE, Secret Service, ATF, and was a member of the South Florida ICAC taskforce for 10 years.

During my tenure as a law enforcement officer, I testified as an expert on numerous occasions in the field of computer forensics in Federal Courts in FL, CA, NJ, PA, IN, and NY, Appellate Courts, State Courts, and Military courts. In 2009 Patrick was assigned to supervise the law enforcement operations for the Palm Beach County Sexual Predator Enforcement (SPE) at the located in Boca Raton FL.  Extensive knowledge of undercover online investigations, including online enticement and Peer-to-Peer networks.   I have been involved with hundreds of cases and have testified in State, Federal, Appellate, and Military courts as a computer expert.  Including testifying as an expert in the functionality of Encase® at a murder trial.

Forensic certifications including EnCE, and SCERS, additionally I was an EnCase® certified instructor for Guidance Software and have taught many forensic analysts around the country.  Patrick earned many awards including Detective of the Month, U.S. Customs Service Unit Commendation Citation Award for computer forensic work, and have twice earned the Outstanding Law Enforcement Officer of the Year citation awarded by the United States Justice Department.

Guidance Software (Creators of EnCase® Software) 9 Years (2003 – 2012)
An Instructor with Guidance Software, the world leader in providing computer and enterprise investigation solutions.  My duties as Instructor were to instruct students in the use of computer forensic software. I also instructed students in other aspects of computer forensics, like identifying and collecting computer evidence, how computers work, storage of electronic data and how files are deleted.  Students taught include all branches of the military, local, state and federal officers.  I have also assisted in the collection of data in the field for the Professional Division of Guidance Software who was contracted by the Department of Justice in the Sprint/Nextel merger in 2005.

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office 21+ Years Employed (Ex: 1989 – 2011)

1) Intermediate Analysis & Reporting – Sterling, VA
2) Introductory Computer Forensics – Sterling, VA
3) Introductory Computer Forensics – Sterling, VA
4) Incident Response, Forensic Analysis & Discovery – Sterling, VA
5) Introductory Computer Forensics – Sterling, VA
6) Introductory Computer Forensics – Sterling, VA
7) Introductory Computer Forensics – Sterling, VA
8) Intermediate Analysis & Reporting (Special Class for U.S. Military) – Sterling, VA
9) EnCase® Computer Forensics II – Sterling, VA
10) EnCase® Computer Forensics I – Sterling, VA
11) EnCase® Computer Forensics I – Sterling, VA

Taught a specialized class on basic/intermediate computer forensic for Document Technologies, Inc. (DTI) in Atlanta, GA.  The course covered topics relating to the seizure, handling and examination of digital evidence and the use of forensic software EnCase®, FTK and other various computer forensic examination software.

EnCE – EnCase® Certified Examiner (Cert# 15-0703-1199 Exp. 7/18/2018)
CEECS – Certified Electronic Evidence Collection Specialist – IACIS
SCERS – Seized Computer Evidence Recovery Specialist, (Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in GA)
CFCE – Certified Forensic Computer Examiner – IACIS – CFCE from 2005 to 2008
Member of IACIS – International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists
Member of MECTF – Miami Electronics Crimes Task Force hosted by the United States Secret Service