• April 29, 2019

Mike Calnan has been a Private Investigator for 26 years, starting his investigative career in 1993.  Mr. Calnan has conducted undercover investigations for the private sector, business, and claims investigations for various insurance companies throughout the northeast region, New England and New York City. Throughout this time, Mr. Calnan trained and worked as a bodyguard and in personal protection for the corporate industry and individuals.  An expert in close quarter protection and defensive driving tactics.   Mr. Calnan has held many investigative roles, to include managing and owning… but ultimately his talents and enjoyment come from field investigations.   Mr. Calnan is cunning, he uses his investigative skills to always obtain the needed evidence, his clever tactics always prevail.

Mike is a surveillance expert, along with being licensed in several states.  He has a wide range of expertise in the insurance claims industry, where he has sharpened his skills and expertise.     Mr. Calnan supervised and trained field investigators throughout the country in over 10,000 investigations.   He currently manages an investigative team, and frequently works in the field conducting investigations throughout Florida and New York.

During an interview in 2016 for an investigative resource magazine, Mike was asked, “why do you still do what you do, and why do you love it that much”?  The answer was simple, Mike replied,  “Love what you do, do it well, and you will never work a day in your life. You have to feel it.  If you are not happy with your output, check your input.  It’s about being a leader as well, so I can pass my skills to the next generation.  The industry needs it.  Leadership is a privilege.  My influence may affect the trajectories of people’s entire careers, perhaps even their lives”.