• December 11, 2015

Edwin is our Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) Specialist, an expert and well respected in the industry.  Offering professional sweeps for over twenty five years, providing TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter-Measure) sweeps for Corporate, Government and Private Sectors.  State of the Art Equipment and COMSEC Certified, there is a reason why the Federal Government, Political Leaders, CEOs and Celebrities call upon us.  Offering sweeps at homes and businesses.

TSCM is the technical name for what is commonly called “de-bugging”.  This process consists of a threat analysis, physical search, extensive electronic analysis of the premises, summary of findings and recommendations.
We locate eavesdropping equipment that is hardwired, RF (radio frequency), microwave, laser, infrared, and remote bugs that are turned off, not producing a signal or showing an energy drain.

  • We identify your privacy protection concerns.
  • Survey the physical security situation.
  • Identify vulnerabilities.
  • Perform a physical and electronic audit of the targeted areas.
  • Document illegal devices detected.
  • Assist in a strategy to enhance privacy protection.
  • Provide written and or verbal report of findings.
  • Provide prosecutorial testimony in civil & criminal proceedings
  • Install equipment like transducers to assist with protecting an area against future eavesdropping bugs.

Edwin started his career as the very first 18 year old police officer in the State of NJ.  During his tenure he was given assignments ranging from forensics to witness protection.  In the Defense Industry he spent 6 years as the Chief of Security for RCA/GE Aerospace AEGIS facility in Moorestown.  He also served 6 years as the Director of Security for Franklin Computer Company and the West Jersey Hospital System.  Ed was later employed as the chief security consultant for a host of Fortune 500s, including; Bellcore, DuPont, SmithKline, Rohm & Haas and others.
Ed has received various certifications including:  Certified Facility Security Officer from the DOD and Certified Protection Professional from ASIS.
He frequently lectures at the Regional Police Academy and has spoken at a number of colleges including Rowan University.

Edwin received his degree in Criminal Justice and completed his FCC 1s Class Tech training from the National Radio Institute.

Before you hire anyone… demand proof they will be using the OSCOR Blue or Green Counter Intelligence Receiver.  Will they be using the TALAN telephone analyzer?  Are they using the ORION Non Linear Junction Detector?  Are they using a Real Time Spectrum Analyzer?  Are they using an Infra-Red Thermal Imager?

Ed holds the following Certifications:
Certified Facility Security Manager / DOD
Certified Protection Professional CPP / ASIS
Certified Polygraphist PPR
Forensic Specialist GCPO
AAS Law Enforcement Technology GCC
CBS Law & Justice ESC
National Radio Institute / First Class FCC
National Security Agency / COMSEC
Federal Bureau of Investigation DECA
ASIS Assets Protection Course
TSCM / REI – Sherwood

RF Spectrum Analyzer, Oscilloscope, Broad Band Receiver, Harmonic Analyzer, Non-Linear Junction Detection, Telephone, Analyzer, Time Domain Reflectometer, Laser Refractor, Infrared Thermography, Differential RF,  UV/IR Analysis.

FEATURED EQUIPMENT:  Digital Telephone Analyzer, The Talan Digtal Telephone Analyzer is essential in detecting attacks on telephone instruments and communication lines. Less than 5% of Private TSCM sweeps teams use this new technology. ESA has joined the ranks of national intelligence agencies using the Talan to detect eavesdropping threats.