• January 31, 2019

Michael **** has been a licensed Private Investigator since 1994.   He specializes in SIU insurance claims, conducting surveillance and other investigative tactics for our Allstate, Geico and other Insurance accounts.   Locating witnesses, obtaining statements, conducting photo scene investigations,  Worker’s Compensation Investigations, etc.  Mike is a true master at difficult surveillance; he’s relentless in obtaining the valuable video evidence needed for your file.  Always taking his assignments personally, and doing what’s necessary to obtain the footage needed to provide the open-and-shut case!

His abilities aren’t limited to Insurance Claim Investigations, whereas various assignments and Investigations have been conducted by him over his long professional career.  Mike has also conducted matrimonial and financial investigations for the Private Sector, as well as 18-B Criminal Defense Investigations and Trial Prep for the legal industry.

Before entering the private sector, Mike was a New York Police Officer, and was one of the brave on 9/11.   Over the years, Michael **** has conducted over 3000+ surveillance Investigations.