Chemical & narcotic detection – Sabre 2000 by Barringer

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Barringer’s Sabre 2000 Successfully Completes U.S. Army’s Test Program for Chemical Warfare Agent Detection.           

Trace Detection in the Palm of your Hand The SABRE 2000 offers the same proven capabilities as the IONSCAN® -LS but with the added flexibility of being portable. Life Science Applications: • Raw materials identification • Pesticide analysis • Toxic and industrial chemicals (TICs) analysis • Wide range of vapor monitoring • Residual solvent analysis • Off-odor analysis • Quantitative analysis The technology is already an integral and essential tool for security and law enforcement specialists. In field applications where true portability is required, the SABRE 2000 is the only hand-held instrument that is independently capable of detecting and identifying explosives, chemical warfare agents, TICs and narcotic substances.

Weighing under 5.8 pounds, including a battery with 120 minutes of power, the SABRE 2000 may be small, but is truly a powerful tool. True portability • Lightest trace detector available for true field applications Most versatile hand-held • Can analyze both trace solid and vapor samples • Quantitative, sensitive, and selective Lightweight • Weighs less than 5.8 lbs., including the 120 minute battery Simple operation • Automatic analysis • No computer necessary • Results in seconds

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    gNXhUt user in his/her mind that how a user can know it. So that as why this article is amazing. Thanks!

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