Bomb Detection – Scanmail 10K

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Screening inbound mail against postal IEDs and other personal harm devices such as razor blades that can be easily delivered through the postal system is standard practice in organisations committed to protecting their people and their property.

Some organisations may also find that mail-room security measures are becoming part of their standard insurance requirements.  Scanmail 10k is the world’s most popular compact desk-top electronic mail screener for security checking letters and small packages for the presence of harmful devices. It’s mobile and can work off battery meaning you can transport it to wherever suspicious mail needs to be checked.   Scanmail is not operator dependent like an x-ray machine so it will automatically find highly explosive letterbombs/postal IEDS. It does not rely on finding explosive material and instead looks for the individual bomb making components such as  detonators, batteries and circuitry. It will also find other common mail delivered hazards such as razor blade letters and cutting devices whilst reliably ignoring office clutter such as paperclips and staples.



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